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Reservation for rental: C. Metzner Tel: +49 221 / 999 30 08 - Fax: +49 221 / 677 85 425

Temporarily rent a bedsit or bed-sit room in Cologne for students, visitors or commuters for single resident occupancy for a minimum term of 3 months




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Because of the availability of rooms please refer to the occupancy or contact us by telephone request
on the Cologne telephone number +49 221 / 999 30 08 or mobile on +49 179 / 521 41 57

  EUR 360,-- East, EUR 375,-- West per month bed-sit, two rents deposit, laundry service included, 6 months minimum term

Rental is private. The bed-sit commuter or single occupancy room is located on the top floor of a small apartment building with private staircase to the hall. The room is furnished as required for a person with a pantry kitchen corner, table, shower, bed, wardrobe, TV and possibility to use WLAN / WiFi for the Internet.

When taking over the room it is cleaned. Duvet and pillows are provided. For monthly rent the tenant would have to bring along sheets and towels. If required bed linen and towels are available on hire (10 EUR per week). A washing machine with dryer for personal laundry is included in the rent.

Rates include all costs for electricity, water and ancillary costs. Parking is available on the public street within walking distance of the bedsit's location. For fixed reservation on a monthly rent basis, a deposit on the first month's rent of EUR 100 is required, payable immediately (Wire transfer or by Paypal). The total rent plus deposit for the rental period are both payable upon beginning of the rental period. The deposit will be made available by the landlord within 30 days after the end of the rental period, as a rule, shortly after the end of the rental.

The use of wireless (WiFi) and Internet is included free of charge. A fixed phone is not available in the commuter room, although the wireless coverage of german Mobilfunk indoors and in close proximity is excellent. In addition, it is possible to make phone calls via VoIP. If desired, we give you instructions for setting up a VoIP account via an appropriate provider in Germany.

Both rooms are ideal as a furnished bedsit room or for short term rentals in Cologne Brück or Bergisch Gladbach. The bed-sit or private single occupancy rooms are not really typical for a shared flat, but they are ideal for a sublease or short-term bedsit accommodation for students or for a multi-month internship or for employees of AXA Insurance or Colonia Versicherung, Cologne fair or trade show attendees, Bayer in Leverkusen, Ford Cologne , RTL (12 minutes by tram), SAT 1, WDR, etc.

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